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Flycasting Titles

Teaching Yourself to Fly Cast: Learning the Essentials (DVD) - Bill Gammel

Bill Gammel DVDThis excellent video was written and produced by Bill Gammel, one of the best fly casters in the world. Bill is a emeritus member of the Federation of Fly Fishers Casting Board of Governors and coauthor of FFF booklet "The Essentials of Fly Casting".

In the video, Bill presents the 5 essentials of fly casting in a very clear and concise manner. It uses stop action video of each casting technique, demonstrating the behaviour of fly rod and fly line during the cast. This is one of the few videos that a student can watch and actually teach themselves to cast. We use this video as a foundation to all of our beginning and intermediate casting instruction. If you're preparing for the FFF Certified Instructor Exam, we strongly recommend you own a copy and study it well; it will greatly contribute to your success.

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Essence of Flycasting - Mel Krieger

After the Bill Gammel DVD, this is on the top of my beginning knowledge collection list(notice it's placement on this list.) The Essence of Flycasting DVD roughly follows what Mel Krieger has written in this book is also useful. The explanations, pictures and diagrams are an excellent aid for gaining the knowledge needed to learn to fly cast. No matter how good a book or video is, taking a few lessons is your best means of learning to fly cast.

Essence of Flycasting (DVD) - Mel Krieger

The Dynamics of Fly Casting (DVD) - Joan Wulff

A nice overview of flycasting techniques, covering most of the basic elements of fly casting. Well written and produced.

Joan Wulff's New Fly Casting Techniques - Joan Wulff

Presents a very detailed explanation of fly casting, covering a broad spectrum of fly casting topics, including casting mechanics, casting strategies on the stream, accuracy methods and a wide variety of casts used for most fishing situations. The Dynamics of Fly Casting DVD covers many of the techniques presented here. Amazon pairs these two books together when you buy one.

Spey Casting - Simon Gawesworth

The definitive guide to learning to spey cast. Well written and illustrated. Step-by-step instructions for each cast are excellent. Rio Products has an excellent video called Modern Spey Casting which is a great companion learning aid. You can get more detail and find a dealer who sells the DVD at the Rio Products website.

Single-Handed Spey Casting - Simon Gawesworth

Much like his Spey Casting book, this is a Fantastic book! Many people don't try spey casting because they don't think it applies to the type of streams the fish. These single-handed spey casting techniques are an incredible addition to a fly fisherman's casting toolkit. They can be used on most streams.