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Workshops and Clinics

The Texas Fly Fishing School offers a variety of workshops and clinics that may interest you or meet your fly casting needs. Here is a sample of what we're prepared to offer:

Beginning Casting Workshop
Learning fly casting isn't something that can be effectively condensed into a one day workshop and be a useful experience for the student. We recommend that the beginner learn over a few weeks, learning an absorbable amount of material in each session, followed by a week or two of practice and experimentation. Our first beginner class generally takes about three hours, followed by three more 1-2 hours sessions.

Our beginning fly casting class series is designed to teach a person who is brand new to fly fishing the basics of fly casting. We assume that the student hasn't received any organized fly casting instruction and has had little exposure to fly fishing in general. When you complete this class, you will have the necessary skills to start fishing with a fly rod.
You will learn:

Double Haul Clinic

One of the essential tools needed by most flycasters is the double haul. Its power in increasing line speed and distance to the cast makes it the cast that flycasters ultimately need to be able to perform to achieve greater control over their fly line. Once learned, many experience casters find it difficult to stop hauling.

This short clinic is designed to give the intermediate casting student the ability to use hauling techniques in their everyday casting and to start casting greater distances than can be achieved with a single hand cast.
You will learn to:

Distance Casting Workshop

Most fly fishermen become interested in improving their casting distance shortly after they've learned basic casting skills and once they find a need to cast beyond their distance abilities. The core principles used to cast 30 feet are the same as those used to cast 100 feet. Increasing casting distance requires learning and applying a core set of principles and following a disciplined practice routine.
Developing the skills to cast longer distances will result in a greater ability to cast well in most situations.

In this casting clinic, the student will learn the fundamental principles needed to cast longer distances including:

Learning the Essentials Workshop

This intermediate level casting class builds on the initial essentials taught in the Beginning Fly Casting class and expands to include all five essentials of fly casting. It's a relatively technical class with an emphasis that is chosen because it lays the fundamental building blocks required to perfect most casting skills and to make you a better fly fisherman.
In this class you will learn:

Casting Challenges Clinic - Coping with the Wind
The purpose of this clinic is to provide the intermediate flycaster with a tool kit to deal with environmental challenges that can turn a bad day into a good day. Wind is a fact of life along the Gulf Coast. A perfectly good fishing day can be ruined if you don't know how to manage casting in windy conditions. Many people just go home because the wind is too much for them. Developing good casting skills and applying a few techniques can make the day's fishing enjoyable rather than frustrating.

During this two hour clinic you will learn: The effects of wind on the fly line, how it impacts the presentation of the fly and what different skills and techniques are needed to become an effective flycaster in the wind.

Team Building through Fly Casting Workshop
Fly casting can be a great leveler. Great fly casters come from a widely diverse spectrum of people, spanning professional and economic backgrounds, athletic ability, gender, age and much more. By combining men and women of a team with varying athletic ability and diverse professional background into a sport that requires a high degree of skill to develop, a quality team building experience can be achieved. Consider adding a half or full day of fly casting to the agenda of your next team building retreat.

FFF Certified Casting Instructor Preparation
We offer preparation training for candidates to the Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Instructor exam. First and foremost, the exam is designed for casters who want to become casting instructors, not casters who want to certify that they're great casters. We will make an assessment of your casting and instruction abilities as they pertain to the requirements of the casting certification program. The exam guidelines are posted on the FFF website - > . We will help you develop a plan that will contribute to your success in passing the test. In addition, we offer mentoring opportunities that will give you the teaching experience needed to become an effective casting instructor.

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